Get ready to create your certification program!

This is where you can sign up for the next training of CLONE YOUR BUSINESS - a 2-day intensive May 26-27!

The Best Way to Build Your Legacy

In this program you will create and implement a training that will free you from repeating your work over and over again with individual clients. You will build an army of experts that are certified to work with your method.


The training will give you a massive result - your own certification program

Session 1

The new you

What will a certification do for you? For your business? 

Your identity might shift in this process.

This module will prepare you for the shift! 

  •  Get ready for the shift
  •  Creating a tribe
  •  Scaling up and letting go


The prereq´s

You will also define:

  • what kind of business model you will use for your program – independent or community.

Session 2

The Project Plan

You will :

  • create your perfect plan for a certification program
  • define the type of students you want to recruit
  • define the recruitment process


Session 3

The Certification Process


The certification exam and the  legal stuff


You will assess all that is needed for your students to qualify for certification. And - our inhouse lawyer will help you to ask all the right questions to your lawyer so you can set up documents like

  • Student agreements
  • Certification agreements
  • Code of ethics


Session 4

The Training


You have a unique method and own great intellectual property. In this session you will outline your training and cover the gap between teaching clients and your certified consultants.

  • Extract your expertise
  • Structure your method
  • Get ready to teach


Session 5

Maintaining the certification


In this step we will define what happens after the certification, such as consultant community, re-certification and continued training.


Session 6

Marketing your program

In this step we will create the marketing plan for your certification program.

(AND - have a look at what your legacy business could be like :-) )

The Training

Make sure you block off the entire two days to get the desired result from this intensive training. 
The time for both days are 8am-4pm Pacific/ 11am-7pm Eastern/ 5pm-1am Central European.

The course is taught by Ann Ljungberg, Founder of Expert Coalition Inc. She has helped experts to create certification programs since 2016.

The Bonuses!

  •  As a participant you can join any future CLONE YOUR BUSINESS course (value $1997/course)
  •  2 VIP tickets to a LIVE event (Paris, anyone? But in 2021 we'll do at least two of them as digital but highly interactive events!) (value $997)

The next event is July 16-18, online

  • 1 individual coaching session (value $300)

Your Investment

Full price $1997

Your price $1497 - including the bonuses!


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